Overall what's the cheaper route? Vinyl or CDJ?

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Overall what's the cheaper route? Vinyl or CDJ?

Post  RahimBhai on Fri Dec 03, 2010 11:11 pm

if you have a computer there are some midi controllers that may interest you. when i first started i bought the numark total control on ebay for something like 150$ used. you would also need a soundcard if your computer didn't have a 4.1 channel card. (you need 2 channels to play your main mix, and 2 to play the cue, or the headphone mix.)
i bought an m-audio soundcard for an additional 100. thats all you would need.

if you really want to get into scratching, i would highly reccomend you get vinyl turntables. i have a few friends with cdjs and they dont seem to compare to the traditional feel of vinyl in your hands. i usually buy bulk lots of records on ebay for decent prices. (sometimes 100 records for $100-200)

what you can do is go to a music store and ask them what they reccomend for beginners. i know some shops carry "dj in a box" kits for around $400-500 complete with 2 (BEGINNER, you will have to upgrade later) turntables and a mixer.

send me a msg if you have any questions, hope i helped you.
i got into it myself a year or so ago for the love of old school hip hop.
save your money for a good set, you wont regret it.

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