Dance No Longer Alone!

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Dance No Longer Alone!

Post  PIERCE31 on Mon May 17, 2010 1:33 am

Do your feet tap to those beats on the music systems? And wish to groove to those beats flawlessly with your lover or husband. Be it a party or wedding, we all wish to dance at some point of time or moment. So, stop thinking and join a ballroom class. Ballroom dancing, one of the oldest forms of dance is not only neat but also a classic. And the best part is of ballroom dance is that you and your partner can equally enjoy it, that means that you no longer need to be dancing alone.

This dance originated in England, however, over the year’s ballroom dance has grown popular in other countries as well. United States is the top-runner in adopting all forms of dance. Ballroom Lessons NYC are easily available in every part of the country. The two variations of American ballroom dance are American Smooth and American Rhythm. Even tango, jazz and waltz are considered to be forms of ballroom dance. Originally which started off as an enjoyment, has now become a commercial art. There are plenty of dance competitions that promote numerous dances which has made people aware of so many dances that are present in this world.

These dance lessons are no different from the other types. If you are looking for convenience and comfort and still want to learn ballroom dancing then you should definitely go for online lessons. You can easily signup for online lessons with the help of the internet. One tip for these lessons: Try practicing these steps with a friend and once perfected, surprise your loved one with your special moves. Maybe, you can teach him/her few steps.


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Re: Dance No Longer Alone!

Post  palumohan on Thu Jul 15, 2010 5:26 am

Dance provides a vision of what it is to be a body for those who watch it, and an experience of being a body for those who do it. Dance connects this corporeal identity to subjectivity and sociality, so that the dancing body achieves a locatedness in relation to self and others. Dance's transcendent power stems, in part, from just this ability to synthesize physicality with individual, gendered, ethnic, and social identities.
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