Con Philips - Trance Life Stories

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Con Philips - Trance Life Stories

Post  Pol Mc Guigan on Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:35 pm

The first three mixes in his trance life series, the first one was featured on Club Educate with John Gibbons back in October.


Trance Life Volume 1

The first installment of his trance life monthly mixes

Sunseeker - Pulser
Different Feeling - Simon Patterson
Summerfish (Matakena Remix) - Leonid Rudenko ft. Daniella
Eclipse - Jochen Miller
Beat That - Gareth Wyn
Where You Belong (Sied Van Riel Remix) - Blank & Jones With Bobo
Spinning (Paul Miller Vox) - Bobina
Out Of The Sky (Kyau & Albert - Lange ft. Sarah Howells
Melbourne (Original mix) - Sean Tyas

Trance Life Volume 2

Khepera (Original Mix) - Aly & Fila
Kyrie (Original Mix) - Corderoy
False Gods - Ian Betts
Cone Shaker - Ian Betts
I Remember Now (Original Mix) - Sean Tyas
Always (Original Mix) - Simon Patterson
Lighthouse (Sean Tyas Remix) - Bobina
Answers (Original Mix) - Jon O'Bir
7 Days & One Week (Signum Signal Remix) - B.B.E.
Citation - Garry Heaney
Oahu (Taylor Close Full On Remix) - Tobias Davy
Distortion (Original Mix) - Adam Foley

Trance Life Volume 3

Rocket Theory (Paul Millers Memories Of Love Remix) - Luke Terry
Rise Above (Original Mix) - Activa
Both Worlds (Redstar Vision) - Ehren Stowers
Lifetime Connection (John O'Callaghan Remix) - Tom Colontonio
Don't Look Back (John Askew Remix) - John O'Callaghan
©️jà Vu (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) - Talla 2XLC vs. Robert Burian
The Wolf - Paul Webster
Broken - John O'Callaghan
Stadium Four (Original Mix) - Andy Moor vs Lange
Mercury Retrograde (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) - Tom Colontonio
Our Dimension (Original Mix) - Giuseppe Ottaviani & John O'Callaghan
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Re: Con Philips - Trance Life Stories

Post  palumohan on Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:34 am

Those are what you call bandwagoners dude. Every team has them, and every team will always have them. Its all part of the sport. Stuff like that shouldnt get to you though, it should overpower the beauty of the game. Idk how people picked their favorite clubs.
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